IMG_0217The Atlanta Science Festival is a week-long celebration of local science and
technology, held March 21-28, 2015. Curious people of all ages will explore the science and technology in our region and see how science is connected to all parts of our lives in a variety of hands-on activities, facility tours, presentations, and performances throughout the metro Atlanta region. The Festival finishes in the free, family-friendly Exploration Expo
– an interactive day of demos, hands-on activities, and stage shows at Centennial Olympic Park. Here’s the link:

Week 1:

Event 1: NanoDays

Today we started at the Marcus Nanotechnology Building @Georgia Tech to tour the cleanrooms. They can’t have any dust or other particles inside! (that’s part of their name) We looked in toured some labs and looked in some microscopes. We compared nanometers (a billionth of an meter) to centimeters. So small!

Then we looked at some products with nanotech and the volunteers demonstrated the effects. They are soooooo cool! We modeled on some lab clothes and took some pictures!

IMAG6552 IMAG6569IMAG6556 IMAG6560

Then we headed over to the Fernbank Science Center for some more exhibits. We measured how tall we were in nanometers.

IMAG6579IMAG6583 IMAG6584<– sound wave

We looked at graphene (a atomic-scale honeycomb lattice made of conductors) which scientists created by putting graphite on tape and making it spread.

There was one exhibit that you reach into a glass tank full of water and you feel slimy balls! The balls are actually made of water (mostly) and are called Deco-Beads. They are used to soak up water. Really cool!

Event 2: Design-o-rama @Drew Charter School

Design-o-rama is the event where you get to show your creativity at making…(drumroll please) planes! There was a room full of iPads… for flight simulators!

 IMAG6589<–Testing a ‘airplane’ model

IMAG3017<–Flight simulators-on the iPads.IMAG3018<–Trying sneak a model on the 3-D printer.

Face painting and jewelry making were included. The cafeteria was filled with supplies including cardboard, tin foil, mini baskets and etc. Bring creativity!

Event 3: Emergence in Motion: Dancing with Evolution

We also went to The Space for a scientific show of aerial arts. But after every performance, there was a panel. So after the third and final one, we left before the panel. It was not kids friendly.

Day 2: Event 1: Physics Live!

This fun event takes place at Emory’s Math and Science Building. Centers include making ice cream from liquid nitrogen(most popular),sound wave demonstrations (dancing fire) and laser maze. Most of the centers included liquid nitrogen including Smash A Flower (you dip a flower into liquid nitrogen and then take it out and smash it on the table).

IMG_0175 <– Dancing Fire

IMG_0173 <– Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (it’s safe)

IMG_0170 <– Super conductor dipped into liquid nitrogen (it levitates!)

Levitating super conductor

We toured the Emory Physics Labs ,too.

IMG_0169 <– Bacteria lab (eww!)

Week 2:

The Final Event: Exploration Expo @Centennial Olympic Park

It’s the last day of the fantastic Atlanta Science Festival: The Expo! This great finale features booths of many sub-subjects of science. Perfect, beautiful, clear day for the finale of the Atlanta Science Festival. Last year the Expo was indoors. It was still fun! There were some booths that stood out. They were cool!

IMG_0213 <– Introducing Morse code and radios that use it

IMG_0204 <– Newton’s cradle and the transfer of energy

IMG_0197 <– Mixing chemicals to create a foamy show!

IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0193<– Filtering Water Experiment by APS!

IMG_0187 <– Mercer’s booth of stroke