On the previous road trip, I did some research on how many states did not have a president.



Alabama   Nebraska  
Alaska   Nevada  
Arizona   New Hampshire check
Arkansas check New Jersey check
California check New Mexico  
Colorado   New York check
Connecticut   North Carolina  
Delaware   North Dakota  
Florida   Ohio check
Georgia check Oklahoma  
Hawaii   Oregon  
Idaho   Pennsylvania check
Illinois check Rhode Island  
Indiana check South Carolina  
Iowa check South Dakota  
Kansas check Tennessee check
Kentucky   Texas check
Louisiana check Utah  
Maine   Vermont  
Maryland   Virginia check
Massachusetts check Washington  
Michigan check West Virginia  
Minnesota   Wisconsin  
Mississippi   Wyoming  
Missouri check    

I created a list of states and searched up a list of presidents. I referred to Wikipedia and other history websites as my sources. Different than most list on the internet, the state we checked were not based on their birthplace, but the place they ran for political office before they ran for president. For example, George H. W. Bush was born in Massachusetts but he ran for Congress for Texas. Also, I couldn’t count George Washington in because he didn’t run for anything before he became president.

In summary, there are 17 states that have had a president worked for them and 33 states that don’t. Interesting, right?