January 2017

Before her mother was kidnapped, before she couldn’t trust anyone, and before everyone she knew seemed to be evil, Clary Fray was a normal – what the Shadow World calls – “mundane”. While celebrating at a club for her 18th birthday, she witnessed a murder – except no one else could actually see it. The person they murdered wasn’t really a person – it was an Eidolon demon. And they – weren’t really people, only a crossbreed of angel blood and human blood – Shadowhunters. And through the treacherous mess of the Shadow World she is lead – a world of demons, Shadowhunters, faeries, Seelies, vampires, werewolves, and warlocks. Clary doesn’t just discover her unique angelic powers, she also discovers the truth about herself and her family. All her enemies have eyes fixed on one thing – and it’s the Mortal Cup. And everyone – seems to think that she has it.

My favorite part of this story was when Jace, a blond, witty Shadowhunter, took Clary to the Institute’s greenhouse for a midnight birthday picnic. I particularly liked this part because it showed that Shadowhunters show that even though they have angel blood, they still show their “mundane,” or what they call human, side, showing compassion and sharing a few stories and wonders throughout.


  • Clary Fray/Fairchild
  • Jonathan Christopher “Jace” Wayland/Morgenstern
  • Simon Lewis
  • Alexander Gideon “Alec” Lightwood
  • Isabelle Sophie “Izzy” Lightwood
  • Magnus Bane, a.k.a. High Warlock of Brooklyn
  • Luke Garroway/ Lucian Graymark
  • Valentine Morgenstern
  • Hodge Starkweather
  • Jocelyn Fray/Fairchild

This is a book is for people who crave action, mystery, romance, and drama all in one huge mixing pot. It’s not very complicated, but the background may take a while to settle in. Cassandra Clare ensnares you in a wholly different world within our own with this book.

Since this book is in third person limited, the viewpoints switch from time to time, and they switch at moments of tension so you have to keep reading.

This book has lead to me reading the rest of the series, and feeling the characters’ pain and happiness. I hope it brings you on another journey as well.