So, this is a guide for people who are starting to read the books and a basic introduction.

The Shadowhunters were created when the Angel Raziel rose from Lake Lyn to give the Mortal Instruments to Jonathan Shadowhunter. The Mortal Instruments are listed below:

  • The Cup – Having the power to make new Shadowhunters; only if the Clave gives a mundane to drink from the Cup.
  • The Sword – Used by the Silent Brothers to make Nephilim tell the truth.
  • The Mirror – It is a mystery, even though it is clearly the third of the Instruments, but missions to find it have failed.

Shadowhunters, also known as Nephilim, are humans with angel blood. They were created, under the order of Angel Raziel, to rid the world of demons. They are born warriors, and they have the Sight, allowing them to see the Downworld.

The Downworld is filled with many different creatures, such  as:

  • Werewolves – They are humans that can change into wolves, and they are usually created when a werewolf bites a mundane.
  • Vampires – They are not technically living, for their human souls reside in animated bodies. They have razor-like retractable fangs, and they are created when a human drinks vampire blood.
  • Faeries – They are the most mysterious of the Downworlders, because they have magical powers that can only be possessed by them.
  • Warlocks – They are the children of humans and demons. They have a “warlock’s mark,” which is used to identify warlocks. They possess magical powers, which are helpful to Shadowhunters at times.

The characters of these books are listed below:

  • Clary Fray/Fairchild
  • Jace Wayland/Morgenstern
  • Alec Lightwood
  • Isabelle Lightwood
  • Magnus Bane
  • Valentine Morgenstern

There are many others, but I cannot (and will not) tell you.

Demons are creatures that are not technically alive, for their souls reside in a monstrous, grotesque body. They don’t have souls, for they are driven by a vital spark of energy that is decimated when they are killed.

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