The story begins a century before the beginning of Clary and Jace, featuring 19th century London, when Tessa Gray arrives. She is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters, who activate her dormant ability: to Change into another person at will when she holds an object of their possession. Tessa then is promised to the mysterious Magister, who no one knows the identity of. Once she is rescued by a group of Shadowhunters, she is thrown into a mess of events. Tessa meets the Institute’s residents: Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs, Charlotte and Henry Branwell, and Jessamine Lovelace. But Tessa’s main mission is to find her brother, not hanging out with a group of demon hunters. So she makes a deal with Charlotte Branwell, the head of the Institute, that the Shadowhunters would help Tessa find her brother and she would help them. After getting crucial information about the Magister, the Shadowhunters send her on a mission: to reveal the Magister’s wrongdoings. But when her brother’s the victim, everything goes downhill. What does the Magister have in store for them next?

My favorite part of this book was when Jem brought Tessa to his favorite place in London, the Blackfriars Bridge on the River Thames. It showed that Jem was willing to take risks for Tessa, because he did not take any of his “medicine” outside. Even though they were attacked and Jem collapsed at the door of the Institute, he explained how his “medicine” helped him live despite the drug’s fatal effects.


  • Theresa “Tessa” Gray
  • William “Will” Herondale
  • James “Jem” Carstairs
  • Jessamine “Jessie” Lovelace
  • Charlotte Branwell
  • Henry Branwell
  • Alexei de Quincey
  • Lady Camille Belacourt
  • Magnus Bane
  • Axel Mortmain

This book is the first of three prequels to “The Mortal Instruments”, and perfect for lovers of mystery, action, romance, and drama. You will be smitten by the words of the story they form, and I guarantee you, it will have the greatest effect.