On Friday morning, we woke up at 6 am to plop into the car to drive 4 hrs. to Nashville, Tennessee for my brother’s hockey tournament: the Country & Western Showdown Hockey Tournament.

After exploring the Ford Ice Center, we settled down to watch my brother’s first game against the Pensacola Jr. Ice Flyers.


They won, the final score being 5-3.

After a few hours, the Squirt House Select Showdown Olympics began, consisting of events such as the Showdown, which is a mini shootout against three other teams, Rapid Fire, which is shooting pucks into an area in a short amount of time, the Speed Challenge, which is, of course, skating around scattered cones in the shortest amount of time forwards and backwards, and the Country & Western Relay, which is an obstacle course that 9 players and a coach has to pass through first in order to win.


The next day, we woke up, heading to the Centennial Sportsplex for my brother’s game against the Greenville Jr. Road Warriors.


They won, again, the score 3-1.

A few hours later, they were up against the Huntsville Jr. Havoc.


They lost that game, 1-2.

The players themselves were devastated, knowing that their admission into the championship game was at stake. But to me, it was a good lesson that taught them that you couldn’t win every game.

The next morning, the team met at the lobby of the hotel, and we got the message that we were in the championship.

The game was at 2:35 PM, so we had a lot of time to spare.


In their spare time, as shown above, they did some pre-game warm ups. The team also discussed their strategy for winning the game.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family got hyped for the game, the minutes ticking by.

When it was time to start the game, we were all excited and pumped. They were champions of a previous tournament in Athens, and we hoped with all our might that they would win.

In the end, they won, and we all shouted in joy.

The ride home was long, and my brother and I soon passed out out of sheer excitement and tiredness.