Sandwich's Adventures

The adventures through the beauties of reality are as amazing as adventures through the wonders of the literary world.


This is Sandwich’s Adventures. I got this name from my first name which starts with a S. This is also the name my loving friends give me.

Thanks to my wonderful mom and a little bit academically-crazy but thoughtful dad, I am a girl who loves history, scientifically impossible things, and travel.

This is a blog I started in 2014 because of my 4th grade teacher who encouraged me to blog like my dad.

I’d like to thank her too.

Writing about my travels is mainly the concept of my blog, but my literary journeys are far beyond description.

I encourage you to all visit national and state parks to enjoy the beautiful land that the universe gave us to appreciate and to learn about the cultures that us humans have grown into.

I also encourage reading and discovering books that will most certainly touch your heart, and if it is one in a series, it will break your heart as well. These experiences have shaped the way I look at the world, because the books I have read have changed my life.

Read. Travel. Write. 

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